Win a £10 Voucher ~ Italy Quiz

  1. Which dish on the GianBiaz menu is topped with a ‘soft boiled happy egg?’
  2. Which is the longest river in Italy?
  3. Name 3 types of pasta beginning with F
  4. Which Italian University, founded in 1088, is the oldest in Europe?
  5. When was GianBiaz established?
  6. The ‘Strait of Messina’ separates which island from the rest of mainland Italy?
  7. Which Italian phrase means ‘Beautiful Country?’
  8. How many regions are there in Italy?
  9. Reigning for slightly over a month in 1946, who was the last king of Italy?
  10. Solve the anagram of a popular Italian digestivo!  ‘OELOLCNMIL’

All answers to be emailed to please type 'ITALY QUIZ' in subject box or they may get lost in other mail.

Terms and Conditions: Voucher can be used Monday to Thursday only. One voucher allowed per table. Eat-in only, not for use on takeaway. Minimum order of two adult main courses. One win per customer/email address.